About Carol5

In Carol5 BILD*WORT*VIDEO you can find texts, pictures, videos and podcasts.


Behind the scenesof this Blog stands Constanze Böckmann. She lives and works in Dresden and Berlin.

Online Redakteurin + Fine Artist + Poet


“… things are connected with each other. They don´t have an own, seperated in its self closed reality..- they are looked at as existing because of conventions and by naming them.”

(The Dalai Lama in texts on Tsong-Kha-pa)




♦ Webdesign in WORDPRESS (Planing, Structuring, Building, Introduction in CMS WordPress, Support)

♦ Online Editing
♦ Texts
♦ Translations
♦ Research
♦ Revision

♦ Graphikdesign (Flyer, Booklets)

♦ Art
♦ Artist Research (interdisciplinary)

♦ Lyric

♦ Consulting to Artist Portfolios, Projectdescriptions (for artists applications a.o.)
♦ Ateliertalks